The following Terms and Conditions must be agreed to in order to participate in our G-CASH Webmaster Program (GC). All Terms and Conditions must be abided by, and are legally binding. G-CASH is owned and operated by G-CASH.BIZ, (GCB).

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By joining this program you certify you are at least 18 yrs old, or the minimum age required to view adult content in your state and country.

Payments are mailed every Monday by CCBill. You will only be sent a check if your account balance is at least $50.00. Payment will be carried over to the next pay period until your account has accrued at least $50.00. All payouts are made in US funds.

We reserve the right to deny any webmaster admittance into our program for any reason we consider necessary, including if the webmaster is located in a high fraud area.

GCB does NOT pay on hits from spamming, bulk E-mailing or any other fraudulent method. In the event that any of the above conditions exist, we will invalidate all current sales and terminate your account without notice. Let us say it again for effect: IF YOU ARE CAUGHT PROMOTING OUR SITES WITH SPAM, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED, ALL AMOUNTS OWED WILL BE FORFEIT, AND WE WILL PURSUE LEGAL ACTION. Spamming consists of but is not limited to sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), instant messages, ICQ messaging, yahoo pm's, or chat room hot linking.

GCB does not cooperate with bittorrent websites. Any promotion coming from websites related to torrents is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to immediately terminate any account related to copyright infringement.

You may create and use your own text links and banners to promote our site as long as they are not misleading. Contact us if you have any questions.

You will not use any of our promotional materials or content (ie: free galleries, banners, etc) to promote another site.

You MAY NOT hotlink our banners. They must be hosted on your server.

GCB does not accept sites that endorse: child pornography, bestiality, warez, mp3 and password selling or trading. Any hits and/or sales sent from sites like these will not be paid for.

We reserve the right to terminate any account and decline funds for any participant who is partaking in illegal and/or improper activites. These include but are not limited to: fraudulent credit card activity, promotional methods outside those described throughout our site, newsgroup spamming and unsolicited email. We have zero tolerance for these activities and will provide full disclosure to federal and international agencies investigating fraudulent activities.

GCB will not be held responsible for loss due to downtimes resulting from complications with hosting equipment or technical errors as this is this is the internet and you know as well as we do that things happen.

We are not responsible for the content on your website or servers.

We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time for any reason we find suitable.

If any of these terms are violated your account will be terminated.

We reserve the right to publish the webmaster username of all contest winners, if contest winners refuse to have their first name and initial printed.

We reserve the right, at any time, to change or modify our webmaster program and/or our membership site.

Terminated accounts cannot later apply to the Program without our express written consent.

If your account has been terminated for any reason all images must be removed from your sites immediately.

By agreeing to these terms... You know that if you break them your ass will be prosecuted by Johnny Cochran and our team of high price attorneys.

All intellectual property rights are retained by GCB. The Model Releases are held by GCB. All of the models were over or at the legal age of 18 years old at the time that the video and/or photographs were taken. The models gave their consent to the publication of the content concerned.